Vehicle Scheduled Maintenance Services in Scottsdale, AZ

Vehicle Maintenance - Oil Change in Scottsdale, AZ
No matter what you drive as the miles add up it is going to require routine maintenance in order to continue to run well and get you to all the places you need to go. At Airpark Auto Clinic we conduct factory services for all makes and models of vehicles. Our goal is to keep your car healthy so it never leaves you stranded and waiting for a tow truck. By providing your vehicle with preventative maintenance you'll end up saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars compared to the cost of complicated engine and transmission repairs. Be sure to check your owner's manual to find out when your car requires certain services, and when it's time be sure to call dealership alternative Airpark Auto Clinic for professional auto maintenance in Scottsdale!

Vehicle Scheduled Maintenance on all Automobiles, Trucks, Vans, SUV's and Motorcycles.

Foreign and domestic vehicles, including Acura, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chrysler, Dodge, Ferrari, Ford, Honda, GMC, Jaguar, Jeep, Lamborghini, Lexus, Lotus, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Toyota, Volkswagen, as well as hybrid vehicles such as Toyota Prius.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

When a vehicle rolls off the assembly line it already has several future dates planned with a mechanic. Maintenance schedules are included for vehicles to ensure that parts that will wear out over time are replaced before they cause a breakdown or other trouble. The services which we complete for all cars, trucks and SUVs, include fluid flushes for the power steering, transmission, brakes, differential and cooling system, 30/60/90K checkups and safety inspections.

Many people think they must return to the dealer to have these services performed in order to keep their warranty valid. This is not true, you simply need to have your vehicle serviced by a certified mechanic that uses OEM parts, such as Airpark Auto Clinic.

Auto, Truck, SUV Oil Changes

The most frequent service that your vehicle will require is an oil change. The mileage interval that this must be completed varies car to car, but generally lies between every 3,000 and 7,500 miles. Fresh oil helps to eliminate harsh metal on metal contact inside the motor, and replacing the old oil restores lost engine power by removing gunk buildup.

Belt and Hose Replacements

We can replace drive belts and timing chains and ensure the hoses of the cooling system are not going to crack and leak. These services are important because a snapped belt or leaking hose can end up causing hundreds of dollars in engine damage.

Auto, Truck, SUV Engine Tune-Ups

If your car is struggling to perform or if it is suffering from decreased fuel economy it may be time for a tune up. Tune up services include fuel and air filter replacement, fuel injector cleaning, spark plug replacement and more.

Be sure to always give your car the service it needs. Call Airpark Auto Clinic at (480) 922-0859 to request factory scheduled auto maintenance in Scottsdale for any import or domestic vehicle.
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